10 Fun Ways To Ring In Spring At Your Winter Park Independent Living Community

Winter Park’s weather is beautiful all year long — but there’s just something about springtime, isn’t there? After officially bidding farewell to the holidays and getting back into your routine, February welcomes the new year in earnest. In our book, it’s the perfect time to look ahead toward longer days, picture-perfect pastels, and endless fun in and around your independent or assisted living community in Winter Park.

Here are a few of our favorite ways for seniors to ring in spring, Westminster Winter Park-style!

Go For A Swim

Nothing heralds the start of spring like a gentle swim in one of Westminster Winter Park’s outdoor swimming pools! Because our pools are heated, you can enjoy a swim even on those occasionally brisk days that will appear less and less as the season blooms. The health benefits of a swim, the delight of seeing a friend or two, and the pleasure of the lakefront views all make for a truly invigorating spring activity.

Spring Into A Fun Fitness Routine

Many people use the arrival of a new year to begin new health and fitness routines — but we think spring is just as perfect a “springboard” into these feel-good activities. Do yoga, Tai Chi, or light aerobics on the gorgeous grounds that surround our community, try a fun exercise class, or simply check out what our fitness center has to offer! Whatever you do, you’ll be able to boost your physical and connect with fellow residents in the process — a win-win, in our book.

Hit The Green

Don’t forget about Westminster Winter Park’s outdoor putting green, where you can enjoy the sight (and sweet breeze) of beautiful Lake Berry as you perfect your put.

Enjoy Fresh Flavors

This time of year is all about celebrating the beauty of nature — including its bountiful flavors! You can’t go wrong by enjoying fresh, feel-good food at our lakeshore dining room, or picking up a bite at the Crossroads Café for a refreshing picnic.

Soak In The View

You don’t need to do much of anything to benefit from the beautiful views of spring — simply take a stroll outside and enjoy the sights or go birdwatching! Our Winter Park community is filled with fun things to see on your daily stroll.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

The beauty of Westminster Winter Park’s apartments and villas is that they’re perfectly sized to every lifestyle need and preference — plus, we take care of maintenance and lawn care so you don’t need to waste your beautiful day on traditional spring cleaning. However, you can do a different kind of spring cleaning! Why not invite loved ones over to help organize your family photo collection for example, digging up treasured memories in the process? You can do the same with clothes and accessories in your closet — because trends are always coming back, and you can be sure your grandchildren will have fun ideas for your fashionable wares.

Take A Different Kind Of Spring Break

As students, we practically yearned for the sweet reprieve that was spring break — a chance to pause our studies and have fun with friends in a sunny, tropical locale. Well now, that locale is in your backyard — and instead of escaping from school, you probably wouldn’t mind learning something new from a local college just for the fun of it! That’s the idea behind Westminster Winter Park’s Lifelong Learning partnership with nearby Rollins College, where you can learn about subjects like history, art, and culture. 

Embrace Your Green Thumb

Gardening and spring go hand in hand, so why not embrace your green thumb this season? You can start with something as simple as a potted herb for your kitchen or a beautiful plant on your patio. Either way, you can reap the benefits of greenery and the fresh air that comes with it! You might also consider gardening as a group, so you and your friends can enjoy this therapeutic activity together — all while reducing stress and enjoying a serious sense of achievement for your efforts.

Do Arts & Crafts

The abundant Winter Park scenery that surrounds our community is enough to inspire artists and crafters of every skill level — so if that’s you, craft away! This activity isn’t just about creating something beautiful. Rather, it’s about the process it takes to get there — keeping your mind active, encouraging your creative “muscle,” and fostering a sense of community every time you share your creation with someone new as a sort of ring-in-the-spring gift! From painting and pottery to scrapbooking and floral arrangement, the options are endless. Engaging in these creative pursuits under the expanse of a clear, blue sky can be incredibly fulfilling.

Walk Through Winter Park

There’s more than enough to see and do here at Westminster Winter Park to fill a long, balmy spring weekend. But if you want to expand your horizons, now is a great time to explore town! Winter Park is home to arts and culture, myriad outdoor opportunities, a charming downtown, and so much more — so it’s the perfect place to go out and about with family or friends.

We hope that today’s ideas help point you in the direction of a sunny, splashing spring! Be sure to get in touch with the Westminster Winter Park team if you’re interested in learning more about our one-of-a-kind community.

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