5 Fun Instruments To Try In Your Winter Park Independent Living Community

Music is a wonderful, ever-present part of our lives. It can make your day bright and cheery, inspire a new direction, or connect with your emotions in a way words alone could never quite accomplish. Those who call our Winter Park independent living community “home” are especially fortunate to be so close to a thriving arts and culture scene, where musical performances happen throughout the year.

Of course, listening is only half the fun. We think our Westminster Winter Park residents should also have fun by experimenting with making music themselves! Maybe you played an instrument as a kid, but haven’t picked one up in a while. Or perhaps you never had the opportunity to learn, but you’ve always wanted to try. Well… now is that time!

In 2020, AARP’s Global Council on Brain Health published a report that found that music can support brain health — which is an important consideration for rock stars of all ages, but especially older adults as we are constantly looking for ways to live our best, happiest, healthiest lives.

Fortunately, your Westminster Winter Park home is a great place to pick up a new passion for music. Here are five instruments you can try today!


A room comes alive with the addition of a beautiful piano — but beyond being a stylish piece of furniture, piano practice can help you familiarize yourself with notes and keys that are used in a wide variety of music. You can play around for fun and try to recreate your favorite melodies, or start piano lessons in earnest. Either way, you’ll be making some wonderful music!

Even if you don’t have a full-fledged piano in your space, you can always bring home a keyboard — an electric version that comes in varying sizes, styles, and volume options to suit your unique needs. The opportunities are truly endless. And if you did play piano as a kid, you’ll likely find that the instrument comes back to you like muscle memory in a meaningful way.


According to AARP, the ukulele may also be a great fit for older adults looking to pick up an instrument. It has less strings than a guitar and they’re softer, too, so you can strum plenty of pleasant tunes without worrying about hurting your hands in the process. Plus, this instrument is known for the serene, laidback sound it produces — perfect for matching the sunny island vibes of your Sunshine State home.


Speaking of the Sunshine State, bongo drums actually originated in nearby Cuba — making them another natural addition to your music routine here in Westminster Winter Park!


The great (and perhaps unexpected) thing about taking up the violin is that it’s a fairly versatile instrument — more than you might realize at first! For example, we usually think of the traditional orchestra presentation of a seated violinist bowing their instrument in a “proper” fashion. But you can also use your violin as a fiddle and recreate classic, folksy tunes you grew up listening to! Alternatively, you can have some fun plucking your violin’s strings to put a fresh spin on your favorite melodies. The bottom line? There’s no limit to the ways a violin can bring cheer and warm, familiar sound into your Westminster Winter Park home — this spring and all year long.

Your Voice

That’s right, your voice definitely does count as its very own instrument — so have some fun playing it, and discovering what it can do (and what it’s capable of learning)! You don’t even need to be part of an official chorus or singing group to harness the power of your built-in melodies, though it certainly can’t hurt to join one should you find yourself looking for a musical community to be part of down the line at some point.

We hope that today’s guide helps inspire a new, musical path — and can’t wait to see (er, hear) where your newfound pastime takes you! After all, Westminster Winter Park’s My W Life wellness program recognizes lifelong learning and emotional wellness as pillars of overall health and happiness, and music helps with both of these — and much, much more.

Westminster Winter Park celebrates our organization’s 70 years of service to older adults

Residents, team members and local civic leaders marked the occasion with outdoor evening celebration

WINTER PARK, April 18, 2024 – With an outdoor festival and a special pronouncement of congratulations from Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings, Westminster Winter Park celebrated Westminster Communities of Florida’s 70th anniversary of serving older adults with more than 250 attendees and guests.

The organization, first established as a ministry of the Presbyterian Church (USA) as Presbyterian Homes of the Synod of Florida, began its service when the Life Plan Community today known as Westminster Manor opened in 1961. Westminster Winter Park, its second community, was founded in 1965. Today Westminster Communities of Florida has 23 communities spanning the state of Florida, serving more than 7,000 residents with 2,300 team members.

Scott Cairns, Executive Director of Westminster Winter Park, thanked the attendees with a word of welcome. “Thank you to all of those who will be celebrating today for being a special part of our first 70 years,” Cairns said.

“I think every year is special here at Westminster, but this year is our platinum anniversary year! I am so happy to be here and celebrating with you tonight,” said Chief Executive Officer Terry Rogers.

Demings brought a special congratulatory congratulating Westminster Communities of Florida for the occasion. “There’s a great group of people who work here and who live here to make this a wonderful place,” said Demings.

Attendees also enjoyed an invocation by the Rev. Jeff Parkkila, Chaplain at Westminster Winter Park, and the Rev. Maynard Pittendreigh, a retired minister, and a program featuring congratulatory remarks from Betsy Gardner, President of the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce, and Residents’ Council Chairperson Sandy Dooley.

Following the ceremony, residents, future residents and team members enjoyed an evening of outdoor live entertainment and games under the shade of one of the community’s majestic trees. Attendees enjoyed a variety of delicious appetizers provided by the Westminster Winter Park Dining Services team, including a trio of sliders, crab cakes, pretzel bites and special-made desserts.

Westminster Communities of Florida, the state’s largest not-for-profit provider of active senior living, emphasizes whole-person wellbeing for its older adult residents. With communities in Bradenton, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Orlando, St. Augustine, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee and Winter Park, the organization serves more than 7,000 residents statewide with a lifestyle featuring active living, wellness and lifelong learning.

7 Fun Pool Activities To Try At Your Life Plan Community In Winter Park, FL

As we prepare to welcome springtime here at Westminster Winter Park, the pool is the place to be! We actually have several outdoor pools with lakeshore views, so you can pair your workout with gorgeous Central Florida views — making your splash session a win-win. Plus, our pools are heated, so you can comfortably take a dip even on those mild spring days where you can feel the last bits of cooler temperatures.

While a pool day can be lots of fun, it can also be a rewarding destination for fitness — helping you establish an active routine to feel great about. Wondering how to make your next pool visit even more beneficial? Just read on as we share a few of our favorite activities to enjoy on your next visit to the pool! (Tip: You should always check with your medical team or trusted professional before embarking upon a new fitness routine — but these ideas should provide some exciting brainstorming.)


One of our favorite pool activities is, of course, an obvious one: Go swimming! You can practice specific maneuvers or take a free-form approach to gentle kicks that propel you through the water. Either way, you’ll be benefiting from a truly beneficial aerobic workout.

Jog In Place

You don’t need to lace up your tennis shoes for this form of exercise! Jogging in place is a fantastic way to get your legs moving underwater, with the resistance of the water serving as a sort of gentle natural treadmill.

Jumping Jacks

Get your entire body involved with this go-to calisthenic — made extra fun by being in the water! This is another great pool activity because it relies on a motion many of us have been doing since we were little kids on the playground. If you experience joint pain from hitting the ground quickly — like your legs do during jumping jacks — then you’ll be pleased to discover the shock absorption that happens in the H2O.


The same goes for knee-ups — which, when you do them in the pool, can help you extend your legs’ range of motion in a less stressful way.

Imaginary Weights

Yes, you can absolutely pick out foam weights that are built specifically for pool use! This can be a handy tool for swimmers who want to take their current in-water workout routine to the next level. However, you can also benefit from doing your favorite on-land strength workouts without weights at all! Move your arms in front of you, for example, as if you were holding your go-to hand weights in front of you. You’ll notice that you still feel the muscle engagement — because the water offers built-in resistance itself!

Enjoy The View

While most of these exercises are all about physical benefits, we think it’s just as worthwhile to take some time and enjoy the blue view of the pool as a mental exercise! Exposure to blue in nature — as you’ll find at our Westminster Winter Park pools and accompanying lakefront views — has been shown in studies to provide positive mental health benefits, such as less stress and an optimistic outlook.

Float Around

Yes, even taking a few minutes to simply float at the end of your pool session can be a great tool for mental health — helping you tune out the hustle and bustle of the world, reflect on your workout, and just be for a moment or two.

The bottom line? There are countless fun ways to spend your pool time and reap serious mind-and-body benefits. So step into Westminster Winter Park’s blue, heated paradise and discover a few of them for yourself! We can’t wait to see what splashing fun you get up to — this spring and all year long.

10 Fun Ways To Ring In Spring At Your Winter Park Independent Living Community

Winter Park’s weather is beautiful all year long — but there’s just something about springtime, isn’t there? After officially bidding farewell to the holidays and getting back into your routine, February welcomes the new year in earnest. In our book, it’s the perfect time to look ahead toward longer days, picture-perfect pastels, and endless fun in and around your independent or assisted living community in Winter Park.

Here are a few of our favorite ways for seniors to ring in spring, Westminster Winter Park-style!

Go For A Swim

Nothing heralds the start of spring like a gentle swim in one of Westminster Winter Park’s outdoor swimming pools! Because our pools are heated, you can enjoy a swim even on those occasionally brisk days that will appear less and less as the season blooms. The health benefits of a swim, the delight of seeing a friend or two, and the pleasure of the lakefront views all make for a truly invigorating spring activity.

Spring Into A Fun Fitness Routine

Many people use the arrival of a new year to begin new health and fitness routines — but we think spring is just as perfect a “springboard” into these feel-good activities. Do yoga, Tai Chi, or light aerobics on the gorgeous grounds that surround our community, try a fun exercise class, or simply check out what our fitness center has to offer! Whatever you do, you’ll be able to boost your physical and connect with fellow residents in the process — a win-win, in our book.

Hit The Green

Don’t forget about Westminster Winter Park’s outdoor putting green, where you can enjoy the sight (and sweet breeze) of beautiful Lake Berry as you perfect your put.

Enjoy Fresh Flavors

This time of year is all about celebrating the beauty of nature — including its bountiful flavors! You can’t go wrong by enjoying fresh, feel-good food at our lakeshore dining room, or picking up a bite at the Crossroads Café for a refreshing picnic.

Soak In The View

You don’t need to do much of anything to benefit from the beautiful views of spring — simply take a stroll outside and enjoy the sights or go birdwatching! Our Winter Park community is filled with fun things to see on your daily stroll.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

The beauty of Westminster Winter Park’s apartments and villas is that they’re perfectly sized to every lifestyle need and preference — plus, we take care of maintenance and lawn care so you don’t need to waste your beautiful day on traditional spring cleaning. However, you can do a different kind of spring cleaning! Why not invite loved ones over to help organize your family photo collection for example, digging up treasured memories in the process? You can do the same with clothes and accessories in your closet — because trends are always coming back, and you can be sure your grandchildren will have fun ideas for your fashionable wares.

Take A Different Kind Of Spring Break

As students, we practically yearned for the sweet reprieve that was spring break — a chance to pause our studies and have fun with friends in a sunny, tropical locale. Well now, that locale is in your backyard — and instead of escaping from school, you probably wouldn’t mind learning something new from a local college just for the fun of it! That’s the idea behind Westminster Winter Park’s Lifelong Learning partnership with nearby Rollins College, where you can learn about subjects like history, art, and culture. 

Embrace Your Green Thumb

Gardening and spring go hand in hand, so why not embrace your green thumb this season? You can start with something as simple as a potted herb for your kitchen or a beautiful plant on your patio. Either way, you can reap the benefits of greenery and the fresh air that comes with it! You might also consider gardening as a group, so you and your friends can enjoy this therapeutic activity together — all while reducing stress and enjoying a serious sense of achievement for your efforts.

Do Arts & Crafts

The abundant Winter Park scenery that surrounds our community is enough to inspire artists and crafters of every skill level — so if that’s you, craft away! This activity isn’t just about creating something beautiful. Rather, it’s about the process it takes to get there — keeping your mind active, encouraging your creative “muscle,” and fostering a sense of community every time you share your creation with someone new as a sort of ring-in-the-spring gift! From painting and pottery to scrapbooking and floral arrangement, the options are endless. Engaging in these creative pursuits under the expanse of a clear, blue sky can be incredibly fulfilling.

Walk Through Winter Park

There’s more than enough to see and do here at Westminster Winter Park to fill a long, balmy spring weekend. But if you want to expand your horizons, now is a great time to explore town! Winter Park is home to arts and culture, myriad outdoor opportunities, a charming downtown, and so much more — so it’s the perfect place to go out and about with family or friends.

We hope that today’s ideas help point you in the direction of a sunny, splashing spring! Be sure to get in touch with the Westminster Winter Park team if you’re interested in learning more about our one-of-a-kind community.

Independent Living In Winter Park? Embrace Your Inner Foodie!

If you’re a foodie, Florida is one of the best places to be — what with its medley of culinary influences from the South, the Caribbean, and the Cajun flavors of the Gulf of Mexico. Winter Park, in particular, is a fantastic place for food lovers; in fact, our slice of the Sunshine State was once named one of Southern Living’s best food towns in the South!

As a renowned facility for independent living in Winter Park, we here at Westminster are all about providing our residents with an experience that’s as delicious as it is nutritious. Just read on as we share a few of our favorite ways to embrace your inner foodie from the comfort of home.

Dine Out

Fortunately, you don’t have to travel far from your home at Westminster Winter Park to explore new flavors! We’re a maintenance-free community and that applies to culinary maintenance, too — that is to say, you don’t have to worry about prepping a wholesome meal every single day. Multiple dining options include upscale, restaurant-style fare as well as lighter bites from the Crossroads Café.

Of course, true foodies know that the ambiance where you eat a meal is just as important as the ingredients themselves! That’s why we take so much pride in our beautiful dining room with lakefront views, where you dig into a special breakfast, lunch, or dinner whenever you’re craving a one-of-a-kind environment and truly hands-off meal.

Put Food Fun On Your Calendar

We all love a good meal — but when your schedule is filled with fun hobbies and other commitments, a leisurely dinner can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. To combat this, make a special meal a standing appointment in your calendar! Whether it’s committing to trying a new Winter Park restaurant every month, or putting together a themed picnic with friends, making mealtime a special occasion can encourage you to lean into your inner foodie in an organic way.

Try New Ingredients

Tried-and-true ingredients are staples in the kitchen for a reason — after all, a simple sauté of garlic and onions can form the basis of a great many memorable meals! But there’s a special kind of thrill that comes with discovering and mastering new ingredients — especially those unfamiliar fruits and vegetables you spot in the grocery store, but never know quite what to do with. This is your message to pick them up anyway, find a recipe, and try it out! Even if you don’t nail the perfect medley of flavors right away, you’ll benefit from a curious culinary approach and will eventually have a new tool for your kitchen arsenal.

Flavor Your Life With Friends

The most important ingredient to any foodie journey might just be the people you share a meal with. It might sound cheesy, but it’s true! Whether it’s old friends and loved ones or a new neighbor who shares your passion for flavor, food has the power to bring us together with people. Our Westminster Winter Park dining venues provide the perfect backdrop to easy, flowing conversation that will stick with you long after dessert is served.

Here at Westminster Winter Park, we live by the time-honored fact that life is delicious — and hope you do as well! Join us as we say bon appetit to all the benefits of foodie fun in our stunning Central Florida community.

‘God put us here for a reason’: Serving the residents during Hurricane Idalia is part of our Mission

When a hurricane or tropical storm threatens Florida, like Hurricane Idalia this week, team members at Westminster Communities of Florida have a top priority: Ensuring the safety and well-being of the residents we serve. Our Mission is to serve from the heart and inspire older adults to enjoy happy, healthy and purposeful lives.

What impact has Hurricane Idalia had? Some of our dedicated team members are living out our Mission, today, by evacuating with residents or sheltering at their communities through the storm. Regardless of their normal jobs, their principal responsibility right now is to provide for the residents’ needs.

Today we caught up with five of these team members to learn about their experiences, why they chose to stay at their community or evacuate with residents, and what is inspiring them to stay hard at work during a storm.

Jackie Walker Ellison, Cook, Westminster Shores, temporarily at Westminster Winter Park

In St. Petersburg, Westminster Shores was forced to relocate residents out of the path of the storm. Jackie Walker Ellison always knew she would be with the residents, from the moment she first heard. “The residents said to me, ‘Jackie, are you coming with us? I know we’ll be OK if you come with us.’ So I had no doubt,” Ellison said. “I knew for sure I would be evacuating, I called my husband and my mother and I told them, ‘I’m going with my residents, I’ll see you whenever.’ ”

The group of 24 residents was accompanied by Ellison to Westminster Winter Park, where they’re enjoying the hospitality of the residents and team members there. The Westminster Shores team is occupied with providing for the needs of the residents during Hurricane Idalia. “I think it brings everyone together as a team,” she said.

Ellison has worked at Westminster Shores for 29 years, and “I love my residents. I wouldn’t have been here so long if I didn’t love this place and my residents. God put us here for a reason,” she said. “Right now, the residents are happy, we’ve been watching movies and playing games, and everything is going smoothly.”

Michele McCann, Assisted Living Activities Coordinator, Westminster Palms, sheltering in place

“I choose to be with the residents during the most emotional time, like a hurricane, because that’s my quality as a caregiver,” said Michele McCann, Assisted Living Activities Coordinator at Westminster Palms. “Challenging times like this bring out the best in people, and I get to see it and share it.”

McCann was sheltering in place at the community in St. Petersburg, along with residents from Westminster Palms and residents from Westminster Point Pleasant in Bradenton. She has lived in Florida for more than 7 years, and has experienced three hurricanes in St. Petersburg so far. McCann said she feels that the way the team bonds, whether through an evacuation or sheltering in place, makes the team stronger. “We are going to come out better on the other side of this! We always do. We are so lucky that we are here, in our home, together, instead of relocating like so many had to. I have come to feel like this is my home, too.”

Carlos Santiago, Maintenance Engineer, Westminster Point Pleasant and Tiffany Mestre, Administrative Assistant, Community Support Services, temporarily at Legacy Pointe at UCF

A group of residents from Westminster Point Pleasant were also with Maintenance Engineer Carlos Santiago and Tiffany Mestre, an administrative assistant at our Community Support Services office in Orlando. The residents had evacuated from Bradenton due to the risk of storm surge and flooding, and were enjoying the hospitality of Legacy Pointe at UCF.

Santiago, the maintenance engineer, said that he had been through the worst in 2017 when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. “We were there with no power for 60 days, and we weren’t able to do anything,” he said. By comparison, he felt that everything was under control and being well maintained for the residents through both of his hurricane experiences as a Westminster team member.

“This job is personal for me,” Santiago said. “The residents are my family and I want to make sure that they are well taken care of.” In 2022, Santiago was recognized as Westminster Point Pleasant’s Team Member of the Year for his dedicated service to the residents. He said it was his honor to serve the residents.

Evacuating with the residents is just another extension of his commitment to the community, Santiago said. “This is my second time evacuating with the residents, and it doesn’t matter how many more. I will always volunteer to be there for them. We are here for each other and for the residents.”

Countless storms had also affected Mestre, a Florida native. But she had never had an experience like today’s. “It’s wonderful to help the residents and hear about their interests and stories. This is a great way to see how the residents live,” Mestre said. “I am getting to know what a day in the life of a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and an ADON (Assistant Director of Nursing) are like. It has opened my eyes. Bless their souls for doing all of this.”

The effects of the storm had been mild in Orlando, but Mestre said that nevertheless, she and the residents felt more secure and had been brought closer together by the experience – and the residents were thankful for the security. “This has really brought our Mission to life for me in a way I had not experienced it,” said Mestre.

For Santiago, part of living in a hurricane zone meant more practice – and that he had found that the team is getting stronger through the experience. “The more we do this together, the more we become comfortable with each other, and the better organized we become. When you send a group of people together for one purpose and for our Mission, we get the opportunity to grow together and learn from each other,” said Santiago.

Beth Szabo, Services Coordinator, Riverside Presbyterian Apartments, sheltering in place

Another part of the Westminster Mission is to serve residents with low to moderate incomes, in our affordable Rental Retirement Communities. Beth Szabo, services coordinator at Riverside Presbyterian Apartments, was sheltering in place at the community to ensure that the residents were well cared for throughout the potential effects of the storm in Jacksonville.

“I’ve lived in Jacksonville since 1976, so I have lost count of how many hurricanes I’ve been through now. In 2004 they were coming so frequently we all said, ‘I’m over it, just let it go,’ ” said Szabo. “We have had to evacuate a few times over the years, like for Hurricane Matthew in 2016. But we did not have to this time.”

For Szabo, serving during a hurricane is a natural extension of her choice to work at the community, because the residents are like her extended family. “I have a heart for seniors, and the residents here mean a lot to me,” she said. “If something happens then I want to be here to help them.”

Szabo added that she feels safer riding out a storm at Riverside Presbyterian Apartments than at home. “Here at the community, I know that we have a great team looking out for everyone. We’re very small but we support each other.”

A facet of our Mission

While a hurricane is unexpected, serving the residents and supporting their fellow team members wherever we are and however we can is just another facet of the Mission of Westminster Communities of Florida: We serve from the heart and inspire older adults to enjoy happy, healthy and purposeful lives.

Be sure to learn all about how you can make a Westminster community your home to live or to work – find a community near you or follow us on Facebook and on LinkedIn!

4 New Hobbies to Explore in Your Golden Years

You’ve finally earned the right to slow down and enjoy life the way you want to. Perhaps you and your spouse are selling your home to move to assisted living in Orlando, or maybe you’re going to your dream retirement cabin in the mountains. 

Wherever you go, you’ll need to keep yourself occupied! Now’s the time to pick up a new hobby that might not have been possible when your schedule was too busy. But what new hobby should you choose?

1.      Painting

Painting is a quiet, reflective activity that’s highly rewarding. Because of its low-energy nature, painting can be enjoyed by anyone at any fitness level. Whether you prefer to sit in nature and paint your surroundings on canvas or you want to explore abstraction, there’s no time limit in your way. 

If painting is a bit too messy, illustration is an excellent option. Whether you prefer graphite pencils or pens is up to you! You don’t have to have any specific goals with painting and drawing, but the cool thing about this hobby is that there’s a tangible product once you’re done.

2.   Writing

Perhaps you have stories you want to share, whether they be from your own life or imagined. Here’s your opportunity to refine your narrative and put it down to paper. If you’re writing about your own experiences, your family could hold onto those stories for posterity. Whatever the purpose, writing is an excellent way to exercise your brain to stay mentally healthy. Try poetry, journaling, fiction, or anything you’ve always wanted to produce!

3.   Gardening

When living in the working world, most of us don’t have time to tend to a garden. Once you’re retired and have no more work responsibilities, a garden is a wonderful hobby with genuine rewards. 

Perhaps your preference is aesthetic, and your goal is to cultivate beautiful flowers and grasses. Or maybe you want to eat the literal fruits of your labor and grow food. Homegrown fruits and vegetables are a wonderful way to keep yourself busy and maintain a healthy diet. 

4.   Hiking

Hiking doesn’t have to be an extreme activity. You can find some pleasant trails that aren’t too taxing. Wherever you live, whether in assisted living in Orlando, Florida, a cabin in northern Georgia, or an apartment in Portland, Oregon, there are low-fitness requirement trails that will take you through nature. Your body and mind will benefit greatly. 

From Home to Assisted Living in Orlando, New Hobbies are Everywhere

Whatever hobby speaks to you the most is up to you. The important thing is to have a hobby! Everyone needs to keep their minds and bodies sharp to maintain the best quality of life possible in their golden years, so choose your activity and stick to it!

Top Tips to Personalize Your Space in Assisted Living

Are you or a loved one moving into assisted living? Transitioning into assisted living can be difficult, but personalizing your new space can make you feel more at home. The following are four ways to personalize your space in assisted living facilities in Orlando.

Display Family Photos

One of the best and easiest ways to personalize your assisted living space is by putting out family photos. You can hang picture frames on the walls or sit decorative frames on your nightstand and dresser. These photos can include your children, grandkids, other family members, or friends. 

Being able to look around and see the people you care most about is the perfect way to make your space a reflection of your life.

Decorate with Figurines or Mementos

Another way to personalize your living space is by decorating with figurines, mementos, and souvenirs. For example, if you collect statues of cats, you may have a collection of these on a shelf. 

You can also set up souvenirs from places you have visited through the years, such as collectible spoons or coffee mugs. This will help show who you are and the things you are interested in.

Use Unique Storage Options

Storage is an essential part of any living space. This is especially true when transitioning into assisted living in Orlando. You want to optimize your space in a way that is both practical and unique. 

Choosing decorative storage in bright colors or distinct patterns will help you keep your belongings organized while showing your personality. You may like plastic storage bins in fun shades or decorated filing cabinets for your important papers.

Try Decorative Accents

If your assisted living facilities allow, you can also personalize your room with your bedding, drapes, and other accents. Choosing colorful sheets or curtains with a unique pattern will help liven up the space and show off your taste. You can even choose things like lampshades and floor rugs to give your room a little bit more character.

Decorating Your Space in Assisted Living in Orlando

If you or someone you know is making the transition to assisted living, customizing the space can make it feel more like home. Whether it be colorful curtains, family photos, or decorative figurines, there are many ways to personalize your assisted living space and make it a reflection of who you are.

Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Assisted Living Community for Your Loved One

If you are researching assisted living communities for your loved one, you may be wondering what the most important factors to consider are. Choosing the right community is essential for your senior family member to thrive.

Take a look at a few of the most important reasons to choose the right assisted living community for your loved one.

Maintaining Health and Wellness

It is very common for older adults to struggle with serious health concerns. Heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer are all prevalent among senior citizens. If your loved one suffers from any of these conditions, you want to choose an assisted living facility that can provide the medical care they need. 

Find out whether there is on-site nursing staff, access to nearby hospitals, and transportation to outside medical facilities. These services will support your senior family member’s health and well-being.

Providing a Safe Environment

Some older adults have cognitive concerns that can cause them to roam, wander away, or harm themselves. If your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or any other concern that hinders their ability to look after themselves, you must choose a facility that can keep them safe. 

Many facilities are secure environments that keep residents on the premises and under continuous supervision.

Slowing Cognitive Concerns

If your senior loved one has cognitive issues like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, it is important that they receive memory care to slow the progression of cognitive decline. Certain treatments and therapeutic approaches can help lessen the severity of these conditions for some older adults. 

For this reason, make sure to choose a Winter Park assisted living facility that works specifically with seniors who have cognitive issues.

Supporting a Social Lifestyle

When transitioning into assisted living in Winter Park, Florida, you might be worried that your loved one will spend too much time alone. To ensure that your loved one can socialize and stay active, check out the activities offered by each facility and consider whether your loved one would enjoy them.

Choosing Winter Park Assisted Living for Your Loved One

Are you looking into assisted living communities for your loved one? You must take your time to ensure that your senior family member is placed in the best home for them. The right assisted living center will help support their health, provide a safe environment, enable socialization, and slow potential cognitive concerns.

How to Celebrate the Holidays with a Senior in Assisted Living

The holidays are right around the corner, and you might be wondering how to make them special for your loved one. If you know someone in assisted living in Winter Park, Florida, you can bring the holiday cheer right to their front door. Plan some of these easy, fun activities to keep your loved one (and yourself) in the holiday spirit this year!

Bake Tasty Holiday Treats 

Almost everyone loves a yummy holiday dessert — why not bring your baking skills to your loved one in assisted living? 

Ask your loved one what kinds of treats they enjoy. If they have dietary restrictions, you can still bake with them. Plenty of gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, and vegan recipes online will taste delicious. 

Baking is a wonderful bonding opportunity for you and your loved one in assisted living. You can spend this time completing the steps of the recipe, which also gives your loved one a sense of independence and active participation. Then, you can enjoy the treats you made together with some good conversation. 

Decorate Their Home

Assisted living in Winter Park is supposed to feel like home — because it is. Your loved one gets to enjoy all of the same perks of living alone while getting some extra help. What better way to make their space comfortable and inviting than by doing some holiday decorating?

You will have to contact the facility to see what kinds of rules are in place regarding decorations. Most assisted living facilities allow things like wreaths, banners, and antiques inside residents’ homes. 

Avoid the following types of holiday decorations:

  • Candles
  • Flammable materials
  • Snowglobes and other glass decorations
  • Electronic decorations with cords 
  • Plug-in lights or diffusers
  • Decorations with sharp edges

These decorations could be a safety hazard to your loved one. Avoid anything that could pose a tripping, fire, or glass hazard inside their home. Many of these decorations are against assisted living facilities’ policies. 

Decorating for the holidays is a great way to bring joy, festivity, and quality time back into your loved one’s life. Spend this time chatting, catching up, and admiring your home decor skills this season. 

Go to a Festive Event

Many assisted living facilities host community events. These vary depending on the season, and there are bound to be festive activities around the holidays. You can attend these events with your loved one and get to know their friends from the community. This is a good way to show that you are interested in their life and support them in this season of their adulthood. 

Stay Festive in Assisted Living in Winter Park

Assisted living helps aging adults maintain their independence and dignity. If you want to bring some holiday cheer to your loved one’s life, visit their home this season and spend some quality time with them. No matter what activities you do together, you will grow closer and enjoy this season to the fullest. 

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and happier you!
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Health Choices
You’ll be happy knowing a continuum of care is there if you need it.
Floor Plans
Find the fit for your lifestyle.
Find the fit for
your lifestyle.
To infuse your personal style
is to be happy by design.
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