Independent Living In Winter Park? Embrace Your Inner Foodie!

If you’re a foodie, Florida is one of the best places to be — what with its medley of culinary influences from the South, the Caribbean, and the Cajun flavors of the Gulf of Mexico. Winter Park, in particular, is a fantastic place for food lovers; in fact, our slice of the Sunshine State was once named one of Southern Living’s best food towns in the South!

As a renowned facility for independent living in Winter Park, we here at Westminster are all about providing our residents with an experience that’s as delicious as it is nutritious. Just read on as we share a few of our favorite ways to embrace your inner foodie from the comfort of home.

Dine Out

Fortunately, you don’t have to travel far from your home at Westminster Winter Park to explore new flavors! We’re a maintenance-free community and that applies to culinary maintenance, too — that is to say, you don’t have to worry about prepping a wholesome meal every single day. Multiple dining options include upscale, restaurant-style fare as well as lighter bites from the Crossroads Café.

Of course, true foodies know that the ambiance where you eat a meal is just as important as the ingredients themselves! That’s why we take so much pride in our beautiful dining room with lakefront views, where you dig into a special breakfast, lunch, or dinner whenever you’re craving a one-of-a-kind environment and truly hands-off meal.

Put Food Fun On Your Calendar

We all love a good meal — but when your schedule is filled with fun hobbies and other commitments, a leisurely dinner can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. To combat this, make a special meal a standing appointment in your calendar! Whether it’s committing to trying a new Winter Park restaurant every month, or putting together a themed picnic with friends, making mealtime a special occasion can encourage you to lean into your inner foodie in an organic way.

Try New Ingredients

Tried-and-true ingredients are staples in the kitchen for a reason — after all, a simple sauté of garlic and onions can form the basis of a great many memorable meals! But there’s a special kind of thrill that comes with discovering and mastering new ingredients — especially those unfamiliar fruits and vegetables you spot in the grocery store, but never know quite what to do with. This is your message to pick them up anyway, find a recipe, and try it out! Even if you don’t nail the perfect medley of flavors right away, you’ll benefit from a curious culinary approach and will eventually have a new tool for your kitchen arsenal.

Flavor Your Life With Friends

The most important ingredient to any foodie journey might just be the people you share a meal with. It might sound cheesy, but it’s true! Whether it’s old friends and loved ones or a new neighbor who shares your passion for flavor, food has the power to bring us together with people. Our Westminster Winter Park dining venues provide the perfect backdrop to easy, flowing conversation that will stick with you long after dessert is served.

Here at Westminster Winter Park, we live by the time-honored fact that life is delicious — and hope you do as well! Join us as we say bon appetit to all the benefits of foodie fun in our stunning Central Florida community.

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