5 Key Differences between Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living in Winter Park

For elderly adults requiring assistance, there are two main choices: assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities. It’s essential to know the differences, so you can make the best decision for yourself or your loved one. The assistance or medical services, floor plan, living situation, payment options and cost are the most notable variations between these two senior home options.

Services and Care

In most assisted living communities in Winter Park, residents require and receive custodial care. A person who suffers from memory loss and is unable to live alone, for example, may need live-in companionship. A disabled adult may want assistance shifting from their bed to their favorite chair.

Residents in a nursing home, on the other hand, require round-the-clock care and supervision. They usually have more complex healthcare needs that necessitate a skilled nurse or a physical or speech therapist. Some people require respiratory treatment.

The Floor Plan

When touring both a nursing care center and assisted living complex in Winter Park, one notable distinction is their appearance. An assisted living facility, on one hand, resembles an upmarket apartment complex, but a nursing care center seems more institutional due to the type of care provided.

Arrangements for Living

In assisted living in Winter Park, residents typically have their own living space, while nursing community residents typically share their room with another adult.

Payment Options

Some assisted living Winter Park residences are covered by Medicaid, although the bulk of them are for private pay. Meanwhile, the majority of skilled nursing facilities take insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. Multiple payment choices are very crucial because these facilities are far more expensive than assisted living, which leads to point five:


It is oftentimes a higher cost to live in a skilled nursing home than to stay at assisted living facilities in Winter Park. Due to the more specialized service of a skilled nursing facility, they may cost more. And you may find that assisted living communities cost less depending on the situation. However, your loved one needs monitoring regularly, it means getting services that require a lower staff-to-patient ratio and ultimately more expensive care. 

Learn More About Winter Park Assisted Living

When choosing a nursing home for your family member, it will be prudent to weigh all the options and make sure you select one that meets both the current needs of your elderly relative and their budget. The more you know upfront, the more confident it can allow you to be in your decision!

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