5 Fun and Accessible Activities for Visually Impaired Residents

Every resident of an assisted living community deserves to have the same opportunities to socialize and stay as active as they can. This is why the Westminster Winter Park assisted living facility staff has taken steps to ensure they make every reasonable accommodation so that everyone can access and use our many recreational options and participate in community activities.

In addition to that, we have five excellent suggestions for activities suited to the needs of visually impaired residents living in our skilled nursing facility in Winter Park, FL.

Activities for Visually Impaired Residents of Winter Park Assisted Living

Consider these five activities to stay active and engaged.

Play with Adaptive Cards and Games

There’s no need to sit out of game night or give up your favorite card or board games. If there is a tabletop game you enjoy playing, chances are there’s an adaptive version of it for the visually impaired.

What are adaptive cards and games? These have simply been modified for people who are visually impaired. This includes games with larger print, textured letters or numbers, or braille. Even jigsaw puzzles have been adapted for the visually impaired. 

Attend a Storytelling or Spoken Word Event

Storytelling isn’t just for children. Some wonderfully talented storytellers can keep audiences of all ages in awe as they spin amazing stories. Similarly, spoken word events involve poets who specialize in reciting poems and rhymes, often accompanied by music. 

There’s an excellent chance that you will be able to find spoken word events near you. Additionally, many spoken word artists are happy to make appearances at various facilities or community centers.

Finally, many classes and lectures are very suitable for the visually impaired. Your options are limitless if you’d like to become a lifelong learner.

Take a Descriptive Tour

There are plenty of things to see along nature trails, in museums, and at the zoo. For the visually impaired, there is also much to hear and feel. Many organizations consider accessibility extremely important and have taken steps to ensure that all can enjoy their exhibits and activities.

For example, many museums offer headsets that allow the visually impaired to listen to audio descriptions of exhibits as they walk. Nature trails often place signage along the trails, including braille, raised letters, or even buttons that play audio recordings.


There are so many benefits to volunteering, especially among people at increased risk of loneliness and isolation. While people with visual impairments may face some limitations, there are nearly infinite opportunities for them to volunteer.

Assisted living facilities in Winter Park, FL, have staff available who can match residents with volunteer opportunities that will allow them to feel needed, socialize, and stay active. Individuals with visual difficulties can tutor others, sit with lonely or recovering patients, help at animal rescues, even mentor people who are just beginning to struggle with their own sight.

Participate in Arts and Crafts

Vision impairment may make it challenging to paint detailed portraits or complete projects that require very accurate sight. Blindness or low vision is no barrier to knitting or crocheting, working with large beads, or doing pottery. However, there are so many other options available.

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