Boost Brain Health with These 4 Activities

Over time, the brain may naturally start to function less effectively. It’s not uncommon for some older adults to feel symptoms such as memory loss. Thankfully, there are a variety of mental exercises you can do to prevent memory loss and keep yourself sharp. And the best part is that there are plenty of retirement communities near Winter Park, Florida that understand the importance of maintaining brain health and provide special activities for residents. Below are four activities you can add to your daily schedule to improve your brain function and memory and have some fun in the process!

Put Together a Puzzle

Puzzles make you analyze, reason, and encourage problem-solving. As you’re putting the pieces together, you’re also practicing hand-eye coordination, improving dexterity, and color identification. And of course, you feel accomplished when you see the finished product!


Our brains crave connections. Socializing has been scientifically proven to increase gray matter in the brain, improving memory, overall function, and helping to prevent the onset of dementia.

Learn an Instrument 

Pick up a guitar, tickle the ivories, or find another instrument you want to learn and start playing! This activity does wonders for the brain, boosting memory, and increasing reaction times. 

Play a Board Game With Other Residents

Board games like chess and checkers involve lots of mental energy, which gives your brain a healthy workout. These games make you think critically, improve problem-solving skills, promote creativity by using both hemispheres of the brain, develop planning skills, and prevent memory loss.

At Westminster Communities of Florida, we are one of the few independent living facilities in Winter Park, Florida that encourages residents to boost their brainpower, offering an assortment of fun and mentally stimulating activities. Are you interested in learning more about our senior care services and memory care living options? Contact us today and take the next step towards enjoying independent living!

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