Importance of Daily Activity Calendars in Winter Park Assisted Living Facilities

After transitioning to a Winter Park Fl assisted living facility, it can be overwhelming with all the changes in their surroundings and lifestyle. Your loved one may want to isolate and adjust slowly. However, it is best to encourage them to get involved in the Westminster Winter Park activities as soon as they are able. There are a wide variety of benefits to participating in social events and classes. Take a look at the key benefits below:

  1. Physical Activity. The activity calendars at Winter Park Fl assisted living facilities are designed with seniors in mind. Here at Westminster Winter Park, we make sure to include a variety of fitness activities to help strengthen muscles, improve balance, and prevent falls. There will be trained staff to help make sure that the workouts fit their unique health requirements and help with their overall wellbeing.
  2. Social Events. After moving into a Winter Park Fl assisted living facility, some residents can be at risk of depression. This is not uncommon, but socializing is key to lowering the chances of this happening to your loved one. The quicker they get involved the sooner they can find friends who have similar interests and hobbies as them. This will help them feel more at home at Westminster Winter Park.
  3. Lifelong Learning. The old saying still rings true. “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” That is why at Winter Park Fl assisted living facilities we include a wide mix of games and activities to challenge your mind. These brain exercises partnered with physical exercises can help increase cognitive abilities. We do not ever want it to feel like you are taking an exam. That is why our Activity Director work hard to make all the activity’s fun and engaging. Some ways to get moving and keep your mind active are puzzles, dancing, painting, board games, book clubs, trivia, and playing music.
  4. Vocational Options. At Westminster Winter Park, we know the importance of finding and pursuing your passions. We help you discover ways to get involved in the community by volunteering or working on projects that are important to you.
  5. Spiritual Activities. Finding a Winter Park Fl assisted living facility that has a spiritual foundation like Westminster Communities of Florida is not always easy. The first Westminster Community was chartered by the First Presbyterian Church of Bradenton. However, Westminster Winter Park is open to residents of all faiths. Our organization continues to enjoy a common heritage and covenant relationship with the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. Neither organization, in whole or part, has any responsibility for the financial or contractual obligations of the other. The benefits of spiritual activities are that it can help you find meaning in life and experiences.

Overall, daily activity calendars in Winter Park Fl assisted living facilities are key to a smooth and happy transition. It may feel overwhelming to start participating right away, but it is important to start sooner than later to reduce your risk of depression and feeling isolated. Many residents who participate regularly often make more friends, feel connected, and comfortable in their new surroundings. If you have questions about Westminster Winter Park activity types, visit our website here for more information. You can also contact us and schedule a tour.

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