5 Fun Instruments To Try In Your Winter Park Independent Living Community

Music is a wonderful, ever-present part of our lives. It can make your day bright and cheery, inspire a new direction, or connect with your emotions in a way words alone could never quite accomplish. Those who call our Winter Park independent living community “home” are especially fortunate to be so close to a thriving arts and culture scene, where musical performances happen throughout the year.

Of course, listening is only half the fun. We think our Westminster Winter Park residents should also have fun by experimenting with making music themselves! Maybe you played an instrument as a kid, but haven’t picked one up in a while. Or perhaps you never had the opportunity to learn, but you’ve always wanted to try. Well… now is that time!

In 2020, AARP’s Global Council on Brain Health published a report that found that music can support brain health — which is an important consideration for rock stars of all ages, but especially older adults as we are constantly looking for ways to live our best, happiest, healthiest lives.

Fortunately, your Westminster Winter Park home is a great place to pick up a new passion for music. Here are five instruments you can try today!


A room comes alive with the addition of a beautiful piano — but beyond being a stylish piece of furniture, piano practice can help you familiarize yourself with notes and keys that are used in a wide variety of music. You can play around for fun and try to recreate your favorite melodies, or start piano lessons in earnest. Either way, you’ll be making some wonderful music!

Even if you don’t have a full-fledged piano in your space, you can always bring home a keyboard — an electric version that comes in varying sizes, styles, and volume options to suit your unique needs. The opportunities are truly endless. And if you did play piano as a kid, you’ll likely find that the instrument comes back to you like muscle memory in a meaningful way.


According to AARP, the ukulele may also be a great fit for older adults looking to pick up an instrument. It has less strings than a guitar and they’re softer, too, so you can strum plenty of pleasant tunes without worrying about hurting your hands in the process. Plus, this instrument is known for the serene, laidback sound it produces — perfect for matching the sunny island vibes of your Sunshine State home.


Speaking of the Sunshine State, bongo drums actually originated in nearby Cuba — making them another natural addition to your music routine here in Westminster Winter Park!


The great (and perhaps unexpected) thing about taking up the violin is that it’s a fairly versatile instrument — more than you might realize at first! For example, we usually think of the traditional orchestra presentation of a seated violinist bowing their instrument in a “proper” fashion. But you can also use your violin as a fiddle and recreate classic, folksy tunes you grew up listening to! Alternatively, you can have some fun plucking your violin’s strings to put a fresh spin on your favorite melodies. The bottom line? There’s no limit to the ways a violin can bring cheer and warm, familiar sound into your Westminster Winter Park home — this spring and all year long.

Your Voice

That’s right, your voice definitely does count as its very own instrument — so have some fun playing it, and discovering what it can do (and what it’s capable of learning)! You don’t even need to be part of an official chorus or singing group to harness the power of your built-in melodies, though it certainly can’t hurt to join one should you find yourself looking for a musical community to be part of down the line at some point.

We hope that today’s guide helps inspire a new, musical path — and can’t wait to see (er, hear) where your newfound pastime takes you! After all, Westminster Winter Park’s My W Life wellness program recognizes lifelong learning and emotional wellness as pillars of overall health and happiness, and music helps with both of these — and much, much more.

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