Top Tips to Personalize Your Space in Assisted Living

Are you or a loved one moving into assisted living? Transitioning into assisted living can be difficult, but personalizing your new space can make you feel more at home. The following are four ways to personalize your space in assisted living facilities in Orlando.

Display Family Photos

One of the best and easiest ways to personalize your assisted living space is by putting out family photos. You can hang picture frames on the walls or sit decorative frames on your nightstand and dresser. These photos can include your children, grandkids, other family members, or friends. 

Being able to look around and see the people you care most about is the perfect way to make your space a reflection of your life.

Decorate with Figurines or Mementos

Another way to personalize your living space is by decorating with figurines, mementos, and souvenirs. For example, if you collect statues of cats, you may have a collection of these on a shelf. 

You can also set up souvenirs from places you have visited through the years, such as collectible spoons or coffee mugs. This will help show who you are and the things you are interested in.

Use Unique Storage Options

Storage is an essential part of any living space. This is especially true when transitioning into assisted living in Orlando. You want to optimize your space in a way that is both practical and unique. 

Choosing decorative storage in bright colors or distinct patterns will help you keep your belongings organized while showing your personality. You may like plastic storage bins in fun shades or decorated filing cabinets for your important papers.

Try Decorative Accents

If your assisted living facilities allow, you can also personalize your room with your bedding, drapes, and other accents. Choosing colorful sheets or curtains with a unique pattern will help liven up the space and show off your taste. You can even choose things like lampshades and floor rugs to give your room a little bit more character.

Decorating Your Space in Assisted Living in Orlando

If you or someone you know is making the transition to assisted living, customizing the space can make it feel more like home. Whether it be colorful curtains, family photos, or decorative figurines, there are many ways to personalize your assisted living space and make it a reflection of who you are.

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