How to Simplify Life for Seniors Struggling with Vision Loss

Dealing with the realities of vision loss is difficult for seniors. Sometimes, it can be frustrating, and other times, it can be downright terrifying. 

While millions of people live with visual impairment every day, it can be a difficult experience after living with relatively good sight. Here’s what you can do to help seniors with vision loss live comfortably.

Invest in Good Lighting

Well-lit rooms will be easier for seniors who are losing their sight to maneuver around. Just avoid creating a glare, which could have the opposite effect. Task lighting, or more direct light sources, are excellent for reading, while nightlights are necessary to reduce the chances of them tripping or falling at night.

Keep an Organized Space

If the senior is staying in Winter Park assisted living, you should get more information about the layout of each room. You may have to move some things around, even furniture, to make a room safer for an older adult. 

Use organization tools like bowls or baskets that they can drop items like keys or wallets in for easy retrieval, rather than searching all over the house for them. Color coding parts of the home or certain items could also help them recognize things that need to be differentiated, like food or medication.

Zoom In

Many items that help your senior stay organized, like calendars, watches, or appointment books, all come in large print options. See if they need assistance with changing the settings on their phone. Magnifying glasses can be helpful for more meticulous tasks like distributing pills or filling an insulin syringe.

Moral Support

People with vision loss could withdraw and experience depression, anxiety, and inactivity. These issues can snowball into new problems and worsen their quality of life. 

Show them they can still cope with their new circumstances and that this doesn’t mean the end of independence for them. It’s an unimaginably challenging time for many older adults, and sometimes, the best thing you can do is be there for them.

Winter Park Assisted Living Can Help

There may come a point when vision loss prevents an older adult from getting around their home safely. 

A search for “assisted living in Winter Park, Florida” will show you fantastic options for your loved one that will help them through this difficult time by providing resources and caregivers that can encourage them to live their lives to the fullest.

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