Beat the Heat: 5 Indoor Activities to Do This Summer

The heat of summer is upon us. And, as the temperature rises, finding a cool, comfortable, and engaging activity indoors is a necessity for most. At Westminster Winter Park, there’s no need to worry about the scorching Florida sun. Our community has a curated list of indoor activities that offer an escape from the heat while also stimulating the mind, body, and soul.

Dive into the World of Books

Embark on a reading journey this summer! One of the many amenities offered at Westminster Winter Park is our library. Here, you’ll find a vast collection of books from classic novels to contemporary biographies. Along with this, book clubs are a great way to stay social. You can gather with your neighbors to discuss plots, characters, and share interpretations of the books you’re reading. Being a part of a book club isn’t just a fun activity, it’s also a brain-boosting activity!

Stay Active Indoors

Utilizing our fitness center is a great way to stay active while also staying indoors. Engaging in physical activity regularly can help improve your muscle mass and bone density. This helps combat the onset of chronic conditions like arthritis and heart disease. The fitness center at Westminster Winter Park offers a plethora of options for staying active.

Connect Digitally

To some, the digital world can be intimidating. However, as we get older, it is important to keep up with technology to stay in touch with family and friends you may not see often. Aside from using technology to connect with loved ones, you can also use it to explore new hobbies. You can engage in activities like tracing your ancestry, join virtual tours of world museums, or simply catch up on a TV show or movie. The digital universe is awaiting exploration!

Artistic Pursuits

Channel your inner Picasso! Another fun indoor activity is art. Whether you’re doing a watercolor painting or a DIY craft, your options are endless. You can also use art as a social activity. Getting together with your neighbors and friends to work on an art project is another way to spend time with fellow residents.

Wellness and Meditation

Your physical well-being is essential, especially during the summertime. Some indoor wellness activities include tai chi and yoga. These activities are more laid-back meditation sessions and are specifically designed for senior residents. Participating in these ensures that your body remains active and your mind is able to find moments of tranquility. Plus, it’s an excellent way to stay fit without having to brave the summer heat.

The summertime in Winter Park, Florida, doesn’t need to be a time of seclusion for anyone, especially seniors. That’s why at Westminster Winter Park, we strive to create an environment that allows our residents to thrive, no matter what the weather is like outside. This curated list of activities aims to provide an escape from the sun that fosters growth, interaction, and joy for our residents.

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