What Skilled Nursing Offers and What Assisted Living Offers

Assisted living and skilled nursing may appear to be identical on the surface. There are, however, some significant differences in the levels of care provided, as well as the financial alternatives and community environments. Here are five key differences between skilled nursing and assisted living in Winter Park, Florida.

What a Skilled Nursing Facility Offers

  • Nursing care is required 24 hours a day, seven days a week 
  • Standing and walking help is necessary.
  • Physical rehabilitation is required.
  • Medical requirements that are more complicated
  • The majority of establishments accept insurance, medicare, and medicaid.

What Assisted Living Facilities Offer:

  • Utilities, meals, and activities are all included in the package.
  • Some are covered by medicaid, while the majority of the communities are private pay only.
  • Residents must be capable of walking and standing on their own.
  • There must be no significant cognitive impairments among the residents.
  • Does not cover nursing care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Understanding the Differences Between Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing

The level of medical care provided to residents is one of the most significant distinctions between these two care alternatives. Residents of assisted living facilities may require minor assistance, such as assistance with dressing or prescription administration. 

Assisted living residents often want the peace of mind that someone can assist them if they need it. Patients in skilled nursing facilities, on the other hand, require nursing care and medical monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Professional carers provide the care. Acute and severe health care illnesses that require continuous nursing care and therapy are usually treated with skilled nursing.

When Do You Need Assisted Living in Orlando, Florida?

If a person still has adequate mobility and is transitioning from an independent living environment, assisted living facilities may be the best option to help ease household management and be part of a peer society. Most assisted living facilities also provide various degrees of care and have on-site caregivers to assist with everyday activities, but not 24/7 care.

When Do You Need Nursing Care by Experts?

Following a hospitalization or a health decline that necessitates 24-hour nursing care, skilled nursing care is the best option. A skilled nursing facility, which provides physical, speech, and occupational therapy services, is a more intensive option for helping someone regain mobility or recover after a major health event while also providing a community setting where they can interact with others in a similar stage of life.

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